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Who are we?

The International Society for the Study of Cough was founded in 2002 to promote research in cough and to encourage the exchange of ideas and information in this most neglected of symptom. The founding members are clinicians and scientists from cough clinics around the world.

We also encourage participants from the general public who want to learn more about cough or who wish to discuss their problems with cough. If you wish to enter the public domain site please click here. Further information on cough is to be found under the acute (less than 2 months) or chronic (more than 2 months) logos on the homepage.

Our most recent publication is from the ERS Taskforce on Cough Methodology and the Task Force memebers are listed below:

Professor Alyn H Morice, MD, Hull, UK

Professor K F Chung, London, UK

Professor Maria G Belvisis, London, UK

Professor Peter Dicpinigaitis, MD, New York, US

Professor Giovanni A Fontana, Florence, Italia

Dr Surinder S Birring, MD, MRCP, London, UK

Dr Lorcan McGarvey, Belfast, UK

Dr Jacky Smith, Manchester, UK

Dr Jack Kastelik, Hull, UK

Professor Milos Tatar, Slovakia

Dr John Widdicombe, UK

Dr Jan Willem K. van den Berg, MD, PhD, The Netherlands